Putting an Underestimated Problem on the Map

At least twice a night, approximately 1.7 million Dutch people have to get out of bed to urinate. Should that be taken for granted, or does a simple solution exist?


How to Get a Large Group of Dutch People Moving

While the majority of Dutch people enjoy deep sleep, 1.7 million of them get out of bed to pee at least twice a night. A significant number of them experiences the aftermath the next day: Not being well-rested, (over)exhaustion and concentration problems. How can you make them aware that this is not normal and tell them, that in some cases, it is easy to do something about it?

Plasmoe Campaign

For Ferring we developed a multimedia campaign, targeted at healthcare professionals and private individuals. By introducing the Plasmoe notion, we connected cause and effect, immediately touching the core of a substantial and underestimated problem. The consumer campaign was kickstarted by publishing the test results of research we initiated ourselves. The free publicity thus generated was followed by a community-wide campaign, successfully integrating radio, print and internet.