Novo Nordisk

Leading in Diabetes Care

We do an array of work for Novo Nordisk, both online and offline. From singular response mailings to multichannel introduction campaigns. Sometimes the work is just adaptive: making sure (global) marketing is ready to work its magic on the Dutch market. But there are times when we develop local campaigns, such as a product portfolio strategy to inform medical specialists about Novo Nordisk’s portfolio regarding diabetes care and to show them when to use which products.

Novo Nordisk

Well… Show it then? Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to show any advertisement for prescription medicines. However, visit or call us anytime and we will tell you everything. And luckily, we can show you this:

NovoPen® 5 Remembers!

Novo Nordisk introduces a new insulin pen with a memory function. The pen shows the moment of the last injection and its exact dose. We asked ourselves: how can we inform medical personnel about this introduction in a fun way? By asking them an easy question about something ordinary, something that’s done every day.

Have you locked your door? Did you set your alarm? How many cups of coffee have you had today? Replace ‘coffee’ with ‘injection’ and you’ll realise the importance of the answer for people with diabetes. That’s why Novo Nordisk has updated the world’s most used insulin pen with a revolutionary memory function.