Novo Nordisk – Preference policy insulin

Novo Nordisk – A website about the preference policy regarding insulin

Novo Nordisk believes it is very important that people with diabetes are educated and informed thoroughly. Especially when something changes about the way their medication is being compensated.

In some cases, the preference policy for insulin creates situations in which the medication of people with diabetes is not compensated (automatically) anymore.

That’s why Novo Nordisk decided to come up with an informative website for people with diabetes that use insulin, to explain to them what the preference policy means and what they can do to prepare:

Novo Nordisk

An informative website, for patients only

Lemm en Ten Haaf /HEALTH is responsible for both the design and realisation of this website and all (other) online communication. The extensive animations were created together with in60seconds.

Animatie Preferentiebeleid insuline

Facebook Ad Preferentiebeleid insuline

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