Schroders – investIQ

Introducing an educational platform for private investors

InvestIQ is an educational and informative platform for the private investor. A platform that helps investors become aware of the actions they take unknowingly, and the influence this has on their investment choices.


Introducing investIQ in the Netherlands

We developed a cross-media campaign to introduce investIQ in the Netherlands. This educational platform focuses itself on investment advisors and private investors and should lead to better investment decisions for the investor, by showing them what kind of investor he/she is. The campaign’s focus was to enhance awareness, website visits and to have as many people as possible completing the investIQ test.


Investors believe the reasoning is logical, but react instinctively, nevertheless. They’re influenced by their unmindful thinking and behavioural patterns. By using a test that’s developed by behavioural experts, the investor learns more about himself and his weaknesses and strengths. A series of banners with diverse riddles was used to excite the investor and led to a landing page with the investIQ Test.

Top results

Display campaigns on BNR, DFT and FD exceeded the expectations, as much as the Google Adwords and GDN (Google Display Network) remarketing. The banners on FD achieved the highest CTR ever. The campaign led to 26,505 unique website visitors and 2,168 completed tests.