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Discover the power of Thinkwise’ low code platform

For Thinkwise Software, we developed an integrated offline and online campaign to realise name and proposition awareness. This was later combined with an activating impulse to generate leads. The target group for this campaign consisted of advisors and DMU’s in the ICT sector. We made use of offline and online trade media, and a broader spectrum of media to make sure optimal awareness was reached (in both ICT and Business). We also decided to go for OoH advertising, on digital billboards, and advanced search and social campaigns based on touch-tell-sell.


‘Modelling’ complex company software made easy

Discover the simplicity of Thinkwise’s low-code platform and develop your own business software. At least ten times faster than traditional software development. Replace and prevent legacy software with applications that remain modern by itself. Modelling complex company software made easy, just like origami.

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From awareness to activation

With ‘awareness to activation’ as our campaign goal, we decided to go for a touch-tell-sell strategy for search and social. Meaning, first realising some visibility with the right audience to create publicity for both the brand and the proposition. The audience that seemed interested was shown content such as videos, whitepapers, and cases. Eventually we were able to generate leads through online introductions, demos or an experience day.

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