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B2B Creative Agency in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Appealing business-to-business marketing and communication, that’s what we believe in at Lemm en Ten Haaf /B2B.

Funny, sharp, with emotion. In the end, we talk to people, not companies. A personal approach leads to the best results. That’s also how we like to work together with our clients.

Our approach on B2B marketing

Whatever the question is, for Lemm en Ten Haaf /B2B, your brand is always the starting point. We communicate with a strong sense of the relationships within the business environment. Whether we work within an existing client-agency relationship or on project basis, we start with strategic thinking and a strategic plan. From there on we proceed. Whether you want a new corporate identity, an online newsletter or a periodically published magazine. A lead-generating radio campaign supported by banners and a landing page. A split-run email campaign under the rules of the Dutch email code. Increasing the findability or usability of your website. An app. Or a viral social media action. As well as with an old-fashioned long-copy ad or a direct mail letter.

Doing so we strongly focus on the intended purpose, in the form of clicks / awareness / sales / turnover / notifications.

More information?

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